Covid Protocols

Beth Israel Congregation Covid-19 Stage 1 Re-opening Policy

  1.  Every adult (18 years old and older) must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and have waited for two weeks before being allowed to enter the temple building for worship services and related social activities.
  2.  Everyone under the age of 18 who has not been vaccinated for COVID-19 and waited for two weeks must wear a mask and must try to socially distance from persons who are outside of their family pod (i.e., they will attempt to stay in their family pod).
  3.  Children under age 2 years, or who have a disability that renders them unable to wear a mask, are exempt from the mask requirement.
  4.  Members will be on the honor system as to proof of vaccination for Shabbat services.
  5.  Any non-affiliated guests attending in-person services must be coming with a member of the congregation or have made prior arrangements.  Verification of immunization to COVID-19 will be on the honor system for that person(s).  These arrangements must be made in advance of the service.
  6.  For purposes of attending worship services and oneg Shabbat activities, only those who are members of the congregation are permitted to enter the temple building once the service has begun, unless prior arrangements have been made.  Any exceptions are at the discretion of the BIC Board of Trustees.
  7.  Food and drink will not be served in the temple building at present.  It will be acceptable to consume food and drinks outside of the temple building.
  8.  This policy will be revisited and updated as the COVID-19 situation changes.